Commercial Lending

Healthcare Finance

Each of our seasoned team of lending professionals has over twenty years of experience delivering creative and complete financing solutions to the healthcare industry.

The continued evolution of healthcare policy and push towards universal coverage is an ever present challenge and opportunity that requires financing that works and has impact. The demand for quality healthcare, combined with a growing population of seniors is placing greater demands on skilled nursing facility owners and operators, hospitals and administrators, as well as those who own ancillary healthcare related businesses.

Our proven financial stability along with the knowledge that we stand behind the solutions we propose gives those we serve peace of mind.

Financing Capabilities

CapitalSource delivers knowledge, speed, and the transparency you deserve when seeking financing. We understand your business and share your dedication to achieving business objectives and profitability.

Healthcare Real Estate

CapitalSource provides variable or fixed interest rate loans for skilled nursing and senior housing transactions with LTVs between 65% and 85%.

  • First mortgage and working capital loans
  • Our minimum deal size stands at $5 million
  • Maximum at $50 million
  • Loans for refinancing and acquisitions

Healthcare Receivables

CapitalSource provides debt capital to borrowers based on the value of accounts receivable. Our advance rates on government and third-party receivables are up to 85% of net collectible value. We provide first lien senior-secured and asset-based loans.